(SONSAF) - Somaliland Non-state Actors Forum

Speaking on behalf of the civil society organizations in Somaliland,

Our Focus Areas

Sonsaf programs are clustered into four main areas:

CSO Co-ordination

SONSAF, as the CSOs Forum, is mandated to enhance Non-State Actors’ (NSAs) voice through better coordination and networking.

Peace Building

SONSAF takes part in the peace-building processes by mediating between Non-State Actors and the State and any conflicting citizens.


Since 2005, SONSAF has been mandated to coordinate and deploy civil society election observers’ missions during the election process.


SONSAF promotes the role of civil society in the different sectors in Somaliland. by organising high-level multi-Stakeholder dialogues.

Somaliland Decides Report

Voters Registration Report

Pre-Election Report -2021

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