As its name suggests, SONSAF is the umbrella organization of NSAs in Somaliland, with 67 Organizations drawn from the following:

1. Civil Society Organizations
The Civil Society Organization (CSO) are one of the largest groups under the SONSAF umbrella, including the following groups: youth, women, human rights, disability, HIV, AIDS & FGM,  environmental network, lobbying and advocacy.

2. Private Sector
SONSAF represents all private sector entities including, SMEs and large organizations such as banks  & remittances, telecommunications, energy, and aviation.

3. Professional Associations
All professional institutions; including universities, health councils, media, and lawyers’  associations and research institutions.

4. Religious Association
Local religious leaders that take part in community engagements and outreach programs addressing  relevant issues.

5. Traditional Leaders
The traditional and elder associations are key to peace and state-building in Somaliland, playing a significant role in conflict resolution.

SONSAF (67) members operate across all six regions Somaliland

sonsaf chairman

Message from the Chairman

I am Anwar Abdirahman Warsame, the chairman of Somaliland Non-state Actors Forum (SONSAF) and I am honoured to be the current chairperson of SONSAF board of directors.
As a chairperson, I am committed to growing the NSA’s and building on our past and ongoing efforts to enhance the organisation’s relevancy, reach, and impact.

Since its establishment in 2008, SONSAF as a Non-state Actor, has been part of the democratization process in Somaliland, having played a key role in the 2010 presidential election and 2012 local council elections as well as 2017 and 2021 presidential and Joint elections respectively.

The role of SONSAF is always to speak on behalf of the civil society organizations in Somaliland, advocate for policy dialogue, peaceful, transparent and free and fair elections
to happen, lobby for future political stability of Somaliland i.e. Prepare a platform for discussion of social, political and economic issues Somaliland government and its people are

During each election, SONSAF’s role is to work hard or focuson the political space management and arbitrate the politicalparties and the National Electoral Commission.

SONSAF works closely with the Somaliland National Electoral Commission known as NEC, the three political parties and the other civil society organization that are involved in
the peacebuilding, governance and the democratization
process in Somaliland.