Executive Team

SONSAF is a member organisation that consists of 67 members that make up the general assembly. Every two years, the members select 17 board members representing SONSAF’s five core pillars. The 17 board members further select four executive boards of directors (Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretariat) based on the majority vote.

Mustafe A. Mohamed

SONSAF Board Treasurer

Anwar Warsame

BOD Chairman

Ayan H. Hassan

Executive Director

Board of Directors

SONSAF Head Office Staff

Ahmed M. Adan

Program Manager

Hassan A. Mohamed

Project Coordinator

Rahma A. Essa

Procurement & Logistics Officer

Adna Ismail

HR & Admin Officer

Mohamoud H. Ahmed

Information Technology Officer

Siham M. Muhumed

Finance Officer