SONSAF Holds Training for the Women's Wing of National Parties

SONSAF Holds Meeting for Women’s Parties in the Three National Parties The meeting was attended by officials from the women’s wing of the UCID, Waddani and Kulmiye parties

Mr. Anwar Abdirahman Warsame, Chairman of SONSAF, spoke at the event, and highlighted the role of women in rebuilding the country and their role in building the family and the community to this day. He also highlighted the importance of the meeting and SONSAF’s commitment to support women, especially those who aspire to participate in the decision making.

Mohamed Hussein Isse, one of the leaders of the UCID party, also spoke at the event, pointing out that the UCID party had nominated 10 women during the election and that they will have more in the next election, God willing. There were also speeches by members of the women’s political parties.

The two-day meeting for the women’s wing of the national parties will focus on electoral laws and governance procedures