SONSAF plays a key role in promoting the democratisation

Process in the country; since 2005, SONSAF has been part of the election stakeholders. The forum is mandated to coordinate and deploy civil society election observers’ missions.


Project: Support Peaceful Elections (PEACE) in Somaliland Programme.


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Summary & Achievements

The project entitled Support Peaceful Elections (PEACE) in Somaliland supported the overall peacefulness of the combined parliamentarian and local elections in Somaliland 2021. In achieving a peaceful election, SONSAF established an Election Situation Room (ESR) that reduces election tensions and conflicts. In addition, to increasing women and minority participation in the electoral

Key Achievements

  • Deployment of over 900 election conflict monitors.
  • Capacitated over 8,000 political party observers.
  • Coordinated and trained Media Houses to promote peaceful elections.
  • Supported Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC) through civic education initiatives.
  • Worked closely with the Ministry of Interior (MoI) command centre to mitigate election conflicts and tensions.
  • Provided indirect support to 33 women and minority candidates.
  • Successfully advocated for the wavering of all fees to women and minority candidates.
  • Produced Joint CSOs election report.


Supporting Electoral and Representative Democracy in Somaliland Through Domestic Election Observation


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Summary & Achievements

The project aimed to contribute towards Somaliland’s ongoing process of democratization and the holding of peaceful Presidential elections. The action promoted a transparent electoral process in Somaliland that is representative of its citizens, through CSOs that can positively influence State authorizes on matters relating to democratization. In addition, CSOs led by SONSAF provided oversight on the election cycle.

Key achievements

  • Observed, and reported on election procedures through policy briefing, dialogue, and mediation.
  • Engaged with key stakeholders, including NEC, political parties, government, media, CSOs and the international community to coordinate the elections.
  • Trained and deployed 620 domestic election observers and 47 CSOs election observers, covering over 40% of the polling stations.


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