CSOs Coordination

SONSAF, as the CSOs Forum,

is mandated to enhance Non-State Actors’ (NSAs)voice through better coordination and networking that assists NSAs in possessing a vibrant space in the policy dialogue can influence in formulating policies that address the needs of all citizens.


Strengthening the operating environment of CSO's ability to participate in advocacy for policy change and equality of marginalized groups.

January 2023 – December 2025

European Union

Implementing partners:

Somaliland Non-State Actors Forum (SONSAF)- Lead applicant Somaliland National Youth Organisation (SONYO)- Co-applicant: Somaliland National Disability Forum (SNDF)- Co-applicant:

Project Description

The civic space in Somaliland is increasingly shrinking; for example, in 2021, over 80% of CSOs had their licenses revoked; this is attributed to the fact that a significant number of CSOs have a low capacity to design and implement demand-driven projects.

CSOs are crucial in attaining citizens’ rights and promoting responsive, inclusive, and accountable governance. Unfortunately, the full magnitude of CSO’s potential impact in Somaliland is yet to be realised in many areas due to the lack of capacity and collaboration to have unified and amplified voices. Consequently, there is limited CSO engagement in policy dialogue on issues of citizen interest, including political representation, rights of the most vulnerable groups and environmental protection.

Therefore, the project’s overall objective is to strengthen the capacity of CSOs institutionally and improve the operating environment to promote good governance, accountability, better coordination, and prioritisation support to vulnerable groups.

Project Objectives

The project focuses on two specific objectives to ensure that CSO’s participation and contribution at both national and regional levels are effective and sustainable.

  • To increase the capacity of CSOs to engage in policy dialogues and decision-making at a national and regional level.
  • To create a conducive operating environment to promote the interests of women and vulnerable groups.

Expected Outcomes

  • Improved CSOs’ operating environment to provide oversight on democracy and good governance.
  • Institutionally capacitated and better coordinated CSOs that hold authorities to account for the inclusivity of national development plans and programmes.
  • Better informed CSOs that provide continued support to gender equality and the needs of vulnerable groups.
  • Increased participation of women and marginalized groups in the national development goals.
  • Increased access to public services for women and vulnerable groups.


Expanding Civic Space, Empowering Youth and Women to contribute to the governance and development processes in Somaliland


European Union

Summary & Achievements

Under the Dan-Guud Consortium the project aims to contribute to the expansion of civic space in Somaliland particularly for youth and women.

Key Achievements

  • Trained and deployed 66 voter registration observers for the 2021 parliamentarian and local elections.
  • Capacitated 60 youth wing members from the three political parties.
  • Capacitated 200 domestic observers in 2021 parliamentarian and local elections
  • Facilitated consultation meetings between CSOs and National Electoral Commission.
  • Formulated CSO task force on COVID19.
  • Published voter registration report.


Strengthening the participation of Somaliland Non-State Actors in Decision Making on Peace, Security and Development.


EU, EC, and DFID through SaferWorld

Summary & Achievements

Brief Summary of the project: The project capacitated the NSAs aimed at contributing to establishing democratic governance through the effective participation of Non-State Actors in peacebuilding and state-building. The project enabled Somaliland citizens and NSAs to systematically engage in policy dialogues with government and international actors and be well-informed on issues of peacebuilding and democratization, aid effectiveness and service delivery, leading in time to changes in policy and behaviour by targeted decision-makers.

Key achievements

  • SONSAF formed the Somaliland Civil Society Election Forum (SCISEF) which conducted pre-post-election consultations and assisted in the identification of policy priorities.
  • 677 Domestic Election Observers were trained and were deployed to over 60% of polling stations, providing a credible independent analysis of the elections.
  • Produced Somaliland Speaks report, which outlined several recommendations for future democratization processes in Somaliland


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