Advocacy & Public Dialogue

As a platform, SONSAF promotes the role of civil society in the

Different sectors in Somaliland. SONSAF organises high-level multi-Stakeholder dialogues to overcome and discuss the citizens’ challenges by facilitating and holding political dialogues to bridge any political tensions. Likewise, during economic, social, and political uncertainties, the voices of the civil societies are heard through the release of position papers, press statements and communique after consulting and discussions among CSOs.


Aid Localization Advocacy

As the lead umbrella for Somaliland Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), SONSAF advocates the aid localizations for Somaliland CSOs. We regularly conduct multi stakeholders’ dialogues with the international NGOs/UN Agencies to empower local NGOs both institutional and individual levels, the effectiveness of aid localization brings sustainability for the local NGOs and knowledge transfer of the community organizations at the grass root levels. 

SONSAF Achievements on Aid Localizations

SONSAF in collaboration with other CSOs organize multi-stakeholders’ dialogues with Donors, Government Institutions, International NGOs to show case the capacity of Local NGOs to run projects with a limited international supervision, as result in 2022 EU release the first ever direct grant to Somaliland, SONSAF is a lead for one of the EU direct funded projects with a duration of three years. 

To enhance the capacity of Somaliland CSOs in qualifying international funds, SONSAF conducted assessment for the largest six umbrella organizations and ADAM “a minority organization”, the findings of the assessment has been reviewed, as a result SONSAF developed 21 policies/manuals for the seven organizations, we believe these policies will increase the likelihood of getting funds from international levels. The next step is to capacitate individual member organizations for them be part of the change. 

SONSAF is currently amending Somaliland NGO act in collaboration with Ministry of Planning and National Development, we are advocating the aid localizations to be part of the law in order to increase the sustainability of Somaliland CSOs. 

SONSAF conducts regular statements with concerned institutions to promote the aid localizations for Somaliland CSOs emphasizing, local NGOs know better the community they serve to Make difference with impactful interventions.


Expanding Civic Space, Empowering Youth and Women to contribute to the governance and development processes in Somaliland


European Union

Summary & Achievements

Under the Dan-Guud Consortium the project aims to contribute to the expansion of civic space in Somaliland particularly for youth and women.

Key Achievements

  • Trained and deployed 66 voter registration observers for the 2021 parliamentarian and local elections.
  • Capacitated 60 youth wing members from the three political parties.
  • Capacitated 200 domestic observers in 2021 parliamentarian and local elections
  • Facilitated consultation meetings between CSOs and National Electoral Commission.
  • Formulated CSO task force on COVID19.
  • Published voter registration report.


Supporting clan reconciliation and inclusive peacebuilding in the Sool region.


Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through SaferWorld

Summary & Achievements

As a part of the recurring conflict in the district of Xudun & Kalabaydh in the Sool region, the project sought to build on the current windows of opportunity to empower individuals and communities to promote long-term reconciliation and peacebuilding more effectively, including conflict mitigation and prevention. It seeks to strengthen existing locally legitimate customary reconciliation processes led by clan elders to secure, disseminate, and implement agreements and disrupt ongoing cycles of revenge killing.


Partners & Donors