Who We Are

Somaliland Non-State Actors forum SONSAF is a leading civil society platform that aims to engage all Somaliland Non-State actors by improving their capacity and position. Since its establishment in 2008, SONSAF’s mission and primary objective is to enhance non-state actor’s voice. Through better coordination and networking that contributes to helping non-state actors to possess a vibrant space in policy dialogue arena especially, peacebuilding, security, democratization, development sustainability and have concrete influence in formulating policies that address the needs of all citizens.

SONSAF has 67 members drawn from the entities mentioned above. SONSAF is the leading civil society platform mandated to strengthen the voice of Somaliland’s Non-State Actors (NSAs), enabling them to have a vibrant space in policy dialogue with a particular focus on peace-building and democratisation, security, poverty reduction, human rights, infrastructure, and good governance.

SONSAF aims to have concrete influence in formulating policies that address the needs of all citizens, especially marginalized members of society that include women, minority groups, people with disabilities and youth.

SONSAF continuously aims to enhance the development process by strengthening the NSAs influence through effective coordination, demonstrating best practices and innovative networking strategies to all its NSA members.

SONSAF also promotes the concept of NSA to other like-minded organization including those from neighboring countries in the Horn of Africa.

Numbers Speak for Themselves

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As an independent Non-State Actors platform, SONSAF does not have a direct influence or administrative impact on the contrary, it is solely concerned about ways and means of advancing the voices and fiscal representation of its NSA members to positively contribute to the national, regional and international platforms that are responsible for the formulation of domestic, regional and global policies that address the needs of all of humanity.


SONSAF envisions effective development, cooperation, trade, and policy dialogue (locally and internationally).


SONSAF’s mission is to engage NSAs by improving their capacity to enable them to have space in policy dialogue activities aimed at formulating appropriate and sustainable development programs.

Core Values

  • Proactive and participatory
  •  Commitment and compassionate
  • Integrity and impartiality
  • Time management and efficient


  • Support local democratization process and election process in Somaliland
  • Focus on increasing policy dialogue activities in all development aspects such as policy formulation, regulatory framework and rule of law.
  • Increase policy dialogue on development aid
  • Build the capacity of the member of the community