SONSAF was established in 2008 to ensure that the voices of ordinary Somalilanders are heard by governments and other international institutions who are responsible for policy in Somaliland. We provide a focal point and representative forum for non-state actors which is based on the following principles:
  • Remembering:  That the provision of Article 6 of Cotonou agreement is to support economic and technical assistance, for non-state actors and increasing investment in Somaliland
  • Recognising:  That, the Cotonou Agreement is development cooperation, trade and policy dialogue.
  • Recognising:  The non-state actor forum was established as a means of providing space and structure for policy dialogue between Cotonou stakeholders.  The initial project was on creating a legitimate and representative non-state actor forum with an agreed mandate and constitution.
  • Recalling:  That the formation of non-state actors in Somaliland was started in 2004, experience has been gained during the process of the non-state actors.
  • Agreed: To comply with the Agreement provisions regarding non-state actors participation to EC operations in African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.
  • Realising the united front of Somaliland non-state actors shall contribute to the overall development, peace and economic strategies in Somaliland.
  • Appreciating: The supportive role provided to Somaliland non-state actors by the European Commission through the non-state actor platform, the Saferworld, Academy for Peace and Development and the non-state actor platform member organisations and their working group.
  • Realising: That non-state actors with necessary capacity can bring needs, development and economic growth through policy dialogues.
  • Realising: We the Somaliland non-state actors member organisations have this day on 28 July 2008 resolved to form a forum by the name Somaliland Non- State Actors Forum abbreviated henceforth to SONSAF.
  • Believing: That non-state actors can play an exceptional role in the policy dialogue processes and decisions-making to bring about the peace, development and security of Somaliland.

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